Passage Beyond

by Killing Technology

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Recorded between September and October 2013 at the BLAST CHAMBER in Central NJ.


released November 28, 2013

All elements of PASSAGE BEYOND composed, performed, recorded, mixed, mastered, etc. by T. WARRIOR, with the exception of the following:

Guest guitar solo in Cromlech by J. AVERSARIO

Introduction manipulated and assembled by T. WARRIOR, utilizing the following sounds from (all Creative Commons Licensed):
“machine-noise-bg.AIF” by alienistcog
“water machine motor.wav” by Kyodon
“outdoors-machine-rhythm.aif” by alienistcog
“dremmel-noise3.aif” by alienistcog
“LS100752_boiler_room_spinning.WAV” by uair01

Cover manipulated and assembled by T. WARRIOR, utilizing the following images from flickr (all Creative Commons Licensed):
"Kerak Panorama" by adametrnal
"2012-11-16 stars" by Inge Rush
"Krafla Lava Field" by "Prof. Tournesol



all rights reserved


Killing Technology New Jersey

Dbeat/Metal/something-or-other with a sci-fi twist from NJ.

Banner image manipulated from the photo "Industrial Landscapes -Shiohama Yokkaichi S.P.M mix-" by hoshner447 on flickr

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Track Name: There's Nothing Left
there’s nothing left

fallow earth
dust and ash
worldwide destruction and death,
no redress

deadened world, forever bereft
sun’s light fading, an omen of death
planet descending towards icy void
cessation of all life imminent

subterranean refuge
sought to preserve [the] human remnants
stagnating amidst ruins and refuse
[a] matter of time before there’s nothing left
Track Name: Manipulated Life
adjusted existence
artificial subsistence
lifeblood drawn from dying core

technocratic despots
wield material dominance
dictating the terms
of survival

manipulated life
captive salvation, violently maintained

squalor and sickness
technologic dependence
profit and power beget suffering

exploited existence
monopolized subsistence
crushing wheel
of forced subservience

manipulated life
captive salvation
plutocratic dominance
intransigent, corruptive
Track Name: Problem Upon Problem
resources dwindling
earth growing cold
sick desperation and anxiety take hold

tensions boiling over
violence imminent
problem upon problem piling up
without relent

all systems fail
all order collapses
the curse that brought us here
claims us once again

corrupts absolute

condemned to doom

and weak
remnants’ outlook bleak
tenuous grip cedes

a double edge
that sets the stage
for new epochs…

change is certain
life is not
Track Name: Passage Beyond
one last hope, a way to leave
flee the barren scarred earth
leave the sick, the weak and dying
casting off to cold unknown

we have the means
to spread to
distant worlds

‘round distant stars
to carve existence
in the rock

we’ll conquer new horizons
and spread our
way of life

new reign where old power ended
despite the cost,
despite the strife

onward we march
to begin life anew
to rule again with mastery
to take what's ours--
--by rights

to live and die again
we’ll find our passage beyond

passage denied
as sparks and metal fly
sirens blare, warnings declared

shot from the sky
witnessed by hateful eyes
ripped back down to rightful place

frantic screams, horizon fades to black
as [a] distant voice,
triumphant, speaks

“you’re of the earth
bound forever, and to it’s
bones and dust you shall return…”
Track Name: Misanthrope Command
dark tower rising
unchallenged, unopposed
gaze transfixed across the globe
for those who would flee home

misanthrope command
gaze on darkening sky
prevent the spread of humankind
so righteously condemned

aggressor, filled with hate
ruthlessly attempt to destroy
the human plague

misanthrope command
apocalyptic force of death
unrelenting rage will burn them all away
til only ash remains

each human burned alive
each aircraft vaporized

one step closer to the end
the future’s promise all but dead
no salvation, no redress
doomed to gaze on darkened skies forever

no absolution
we did it to ourselves
Track Name: Inexorable Tides
one last path
through the dark
the space between

through the darkness
beyond the stars,
on chaos waves

flee through liminal space
twists and rends your flesh
far beyond--

space between
churning chaos,
gaping maw

through the blackness
beyond the stars
devoid of light and life

flee through liminal space
twists and rends your flesh
passage between dimensions
beyond the grasp of--

you're nothing
less than a drop in churning seas
carried forth on inexorable tides
of chaos, with naught but will... might survive